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General Info

Capital Lusaka

Government Republic

Currency Zambian kwacha (ZMK)

Area total: 752,614 km2 | water: 11,890 km2 | land: 740,724 km2

Population 9,959,037

Language English (official), major vernaculars - Bemba, Kaonda, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja, Tonga, and about 70 other indigenous languages

Religion Christian (50%-75%), Muslim and Hindu (24%-49%), indigenous beliefs (1%)

Calling Code +260

South / North Luangwa Safari

South / North Luangwa Safari: Discover the South and North Luangwa and the Luambe National Park.

Our 10 nights North and South Luangwa Safari takes you through the whole of the Luangwa Valley and includes the three National Parks, South Luangwa National Park, Luambe National Park and North Luangwa National Park, where we discover the unspoilt wilderness and untouched beauty of the Luangwa river region.

The safari is conducted in open 4 x 4 vehicles with shade roofs provided for your comfort for the travel between camps. This safari takes you though some of the remotest areas in Africa. Challenging road conditions and river crossings add to the adventure of this safari.

discover the high concentration of game in Mfuwe area during your morning and afternoon game drives. From here you transfer south to stay 2 nights at the remote h
Island Bush Camp where you discover this remote area of the park on foot, before heading north to Wilderness Camp in Luambe National Park.


The transfer to Bush Camp takes 2 hours and from Island Camp to Wilderness Camp it takes 6 hours. Luambe National Park is located between North and South Luangwa National Parks and is thus a welcome stopover. The Luambe National Park has only been developed in recent years but is truly part of the Luangwa Valley.


Wilderness Camp is set on the banks of the Luangwa River overlooking a huge pod of hippos. Accommodation is provided in safari tents set on wooden platforms with en-suite bathrooms. Depending on our arrival time at the camp, we conduct a short game drive in the afternoon or the following morning. In the evening we enjoy a campfire meal by the Luangwa River.

The next day we continue our trip North with a small plane we fly from WakaWake to Mwaleshi Airstrip. The short flight offers the great opportunity to see this wild area from the Air. The Park is remoter, naturally beautiful and is known for its high population of predators, huge buffalo herds and endemic Cooksons wildebeest, which combine to give you a real wilderness experience.

North Luangwa is one of the wildest places on earth! We will be staying at Mwaleshi Camp, which is set on the crystal clear Mwaleshi River in the hart of the Park the remote setting of the comfortable Camp adds to the real wilderness atmosphere. Mwaleshi Camp will be our base for the next few days where we will discover the wilderness on foot. Driving/walking combinations will take us to other places in the Park. We fly from Mwaleshi Airstrip to Mfuwe, this 45 minute flight offer a further opportunity to view the mighty Luangwa River from the Air. The last days are spent discovering more of the South Luangwa area where morning and afternoon game drives are undertaken from Kafunta River Lodge.

Note: The sequence of camps is subject to change.